As promised, here is the link to February’s Cape Cod Notebook dispatch from yours truly.

I’ve been back and forth between Provincetown and Nantucket a fair bit the last two months as we said goodbye to a friend. I’ve been looking at a lot of old photos of my friends and family, and myself. Photos I hadn’t seen before, didn’t know were taken. It can be disorienting, to try to reconcile the self you once were with the self you are now. I feel like I have been this same person for quite a long while. But perhaps there will be another moment in time when I look back at myself now and feel she is just as far away as I do when I look at my childhood self. I guess only time will tell. Time is a luxury though, eh? To imagine that we will all still be here in this place twenty, thirty, fifty years from now seems…what? Overly hopeful?

Well, here’s hoping.



Out Here All Year


Many of my winter dispatches from Nantucket/Cape Cod involve, in one way or another, the isolation of this place. Isolation and solitude are different things, as is loneliness, and each on its own can be alright, depending. All three compound one another!


So if you missed January’s Cape Cod Notebook from me, you can click over and listen to it here.

Next week, on 2/18, you can listen to a new essay about memory. Have you ever looked at a photo of yourself that you couldn’t believe was of yourself? It’s kind of about that. if you are beyond the reach of our radio waves, or 90.1 fm if you are on cape cod, or 91.1 fm on Nantucket.

I will have an essay coming out in Canary Magazine about looking at your body and the natural world, and feeling like you have no control over either. Not sure when it’s coming out but I’ll post it here when it does!