March Radio Round Up

stones bergman - Edited (1).jpgYee Haw

I had two “A Cape Cod Notebook” pieces up on WCAI in March. If you didn’t get a chance to listen on-air, here is where the pieces live on line:

A Sandy, Shifting Place  This one’s a little look at the island’s stones and why it is seemingly all sand now.

The Gift That Ride in the Waves This is a piece that I am particularly proud of, as I was able to finally give voice to some of the…what  I am calling “coastal anxiety” that weighs on me when it comes to sea level rise and these places I love.

It’s raining and windy today, we’re getting the outer bands of whatever storm is working its way up the coast. All the boats have been canceled this morning. I hope yours is a good day, wherever you are.