Reports from Radio (Is)Land

Here are some essays from “A Cape Cod Notebook” on WCAI you may have missed in the last couple of months!

October 2020: Off season exploits: or, what is there to do on Nantucket in the Winter?

November 2020: Early morning on the island

December 2020: The eye of the storm

January 2021: Reflecting on my five years as a tour guide at the US Capitol

February 2021: Were people heartier in the past?

March 2021: The last time a crowd gathered on Main Street

And next week, the third Tuesday of the month, you can tune in or listen online ( to catch my latest essay about the Titanic, the lifeboats, and the vaccine. I’m also told that the From the Farther Shore poetry anthology, which was supposed to come out last year in line with the 400th anniversary of the Mayflower landing, is back on track and planning to come out later this year. I’ve got two poems there!